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Modeling Bio

Nikki Lynn Hahn Actor

HEIGHT | 5'10'' (No shoes)




Nikki Lynn Hahn Model Actor

BUST | 46''

WAIST | 41'

HIPS | 48''


Nikki Lynn Hahn



SHOE | 11 M

INSEAM | 32''

About Me

Growing up, I spent years enjoying Classic Feature Films with classically "iconic" beautiful leading ladies. Maureen O'Hara (specifically). Her fiery personality and humor always thrilled me. Those ladies who drew you in with that special spark, you could feel and see jump out at you and grab you. That elusive beauty that resonated from within, and found itself mesmerizing the girl who watched took hold and never left. Their beauty was "iconic"!

I finally decided to dedicate the time to aggressively pursue modeling and acting opportunities, after finding the confidence in myself to realize, I am one of those women! It only took (let's just say too many) people stopping me in stores or random places to comment on my "true beauty" (they would often call it). After thinking about it, I felt a strong desire to finally classify what this "true beauty" was and why it was strong enough to draw in strangers willing to comment on it. Why are people so drawn to me? Just me, everyday me?

It took a while before I finally realized, they were reacting to me the way I reacted to the Hollywood starlets from the Golden Age! They saw, or encountered a women with classical, raw, very feminine beauty, combined with that spark of *humor*, quit whit, and intelligence. All that with an added bonus of me having an alluring sense of "approachability", makes me very unique!

My choice to pursue modeling came from a lifetime of admiring not only beautiful people, but the women with "iconic" strong personalities and the ability to bring humor and raw humanity to whatever they did that would draw you in. Those women you know have more to say that what you see superficially.

Beauty comes is so many different forms, we see so much of it, we have become almost numb to the trendy idealistic "goddess beauty" showcased so much today. That is why I think it's time someone, hopefully me, gets the opportunity to take back the spotlight and shine it on the women whose beauty transcends the page or the screen, and brings a sense of awe to the observer about how much humor, laughter, and beauty combined with a unique personality can transform a beautiful woman into and undeniable "iconic beauty"!

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Style is very personal. It has nothing to do with fashion. Fashion is over quickly. Style is forever.

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I am always looking for new and exciting modeling and acting work.If you are interested in working with me and have an acting or modeling opportunity here is everything you need to know!


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Nikki Lynn 5526 West 13400 South,Suite 324 HERRIMAN, UT 84096 (USA)



Fashion is a language. Some know it, some learn it, some never will - like an instinct.